The products processed by stamping parts are rich in variety. According to the complicated shapes in the production process, they often attack some harsh scenes. How to prevent the occurrence of achievements and make useless inquiries.

   The two-end face shield bracket is the crux of the car’s overall dashboard assembly in the car’s cab. It is a major social work part to ensure the fluctuating and reliable use of various safety instrument data in my country’s auto companies. Due to the high-speed development of high-power generators and the harsh normal driving conditions of the vehicle, it is easy to form a strong vibration and fluctuations in the environment of the cab, which can form the design of the instrument control circuit in the front control panel and break or drop the circuit through local functions. . Therefore, the two-end surface protection bracket must be able to choose to accept cultural shock, tortuous fatigue load and torque at the same time, so it is requested to provide the necessary construction with its own sufficient bending strength, shear strength and better toughness. In addition, if the part exceeds the allowable stress during forming, the micro-cracks may expand to a certain standard of living, and the students will tear or tilt. This will not only waste data, but they will also put the mold industry in unbiased work and slow down The mold material is aging.